Roles and responsibilities of a general building contractor

Every construction project involves three main parties: the owner, the project management team and the general contractor. A general building contractor is the one who plans and coordinates the entire construction activities and bears the responsibility of finishing with quality work on every project within time and budget. In simple words, they are the main hero of a construction project who conducts the entire process and ensures the best method to complete it.

In this blog, we will be focusing on building contractors and their specific roles and responsibilities. Generally, the general contractor plans, executes, leads and supervises an entire building construction project. He has multiple roles and responsibilities during different stages of a construction project. Although his roles to some extent depend on the type of project he is handling, we have outlined some of the major responsibilities of a general contractor Mississauga below.

Project Planning

Just like any other project, proper planning is very important for a construction project that is done by the building contractor. At this stage, the general contractor does the following

  • selects the material and equipment needed for the project and plans their procurement
  • builds risk management strategies and predicts areas that might require changes in the future
  • handles legal and regulatory issues
  • establishes communication amongst all those who are involved in the project and
  • Sets a budget

Project Management

project managementAs mentioned above a contractor has the responsibility of completing a project on time which needs proper management at every step. Here are the things that he does to manage the construction activities

  • Ensures the availability of sufficient fund to maintain a smooth flow of the project
  • Buying materials with the assurance that they will reach the construction site on time
  • Interviewing and appointing subcontractors for the successful completion of specialized tasks
  • Renting or buying construction equipment that is important for the project
  • Preparing project reports showing intermediate payments
  • Makes sure that their workers are experienced and skilled to manage the particular project

Keeping track of the Project

This is also an important step in a construction project that is managed by a contractor. Keeping track of a home improvement project ensures that it is going according to the contract specifications. In addition to tracking progress, he also needs to prevent disruptions. This engages several activities including

  • Choosing an affordable construction method
  • Maintaining quality
  • Ensuring the safety of the construction site
  • Ensuring a continuous and smooth supply of material whenever needed during the construction project

Handling Legal Issues

General contractors have a few responsibilities to perform when it comes to legal and regulatory issues. He must get all the necessary permits and licenses even before gearing up for a project. He also needs to make sure the construction process follows local legislation and building codes. An efficient contractor must have sufficient and updated knowledge with the right permits and contractor licenses so that the project he is handling runs smoothly without obstacles.

Health and Safety Issues

Safety is vital for every construction site. In order to ensure health and safety in a construction site, a contractor needs to implement adequate procedures and increase its awareness amongst workers. Besides this, he also has the responsibility to see if the equipment is functioning properly to avoid any kind of accidents.

It is evident from the roles and responsibilities of a building contractor that he should have the capacity to manage uncertainty and take the major decisions on a regular basis. That is why the level of experience is also very important for a contractor as the one with sufficient experience will be able to handle complicated issues skillfully.

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5 Benefits of Using Property Management Software

Handling routine tasks in the profession of property management is something that involves juggling with a large number of tasks. Such tasks include tracking rent payments, handling maintenance requests etc that are quite laborious and time confusing if done manually. This is the reason why commercial and residential construction companies are gradually getting inclined towards property management software. Property management software allows its users to automate multiple business operations which usually require time and labor. However, the advantages that such a software offers, go far beyond just saving time. In this blog, we will be discussing about how your company can benefit from having property management software designed and developed.

Automation, which follows implementing property management software, solves most of the problems that property managers deal with on a regular basis. Here is what you get from a property management software.

1. Better communication

The area of property management involves a lot of people where tenants also have a lot of duties to perform like paying rent and reporting maintenance requests which require their time and your availability. Property management software gives tenants the scope to log into their own profiles and perform all the necessary duties online. Additionally it also enables them to report a maintenance request any time of the day and record every update.

2. Online payment facility

Rent payments can be a hassle for both you and your tenants. Keeping a track of payments manually can be difficult and time consuming as it requires a few days to process. Moreover, it is easier to miss a payment record when introduced manually to spreadsheets. On the other hand, with property management software your tenants can pay their rent through their mobile phones which you can receive within minutes. It also simplifies payment from each tenant when you keep records online which also helps you run financial reports automatically.

The Critical Roles A Property Management Software Plays

3. Quick property inspection

Property inspection is counted amongst the most time consuming business operations of property managers. For property inspection one needs to visit properties one after another and note down all the important information and typing it up back in the office. This process can also be simplified with property management software which conducts property inspections and generates insightful reports while out in the field. You can also save a lot of time by using inspection templates prepared beforehand.

4. Real time access to information

You either keep all the necessary information on spreadsheets on your laptop or in great piles of documents which restricts your operation to a particular geographical location that is your office. As property management software is a web based platform it allows you to work from anywhere at any time. Data gets updated automatically and saved online facilitating you and your tenant to access all this information directly from their mobile devices.

5. Securing sensitive data

In every business, storing confidential details of your clients including their credit checks and lease agreements is crucial. As property manager it is your responsibility to safeguard them. Property management software also makes it easy for you as it saves all such personal information safely online. Software development companies provide data encryption that doubles up the safety.

You can come across various ready to use property management software solutions in the market but the biggest disadvantage of them is that they are produced for the mass which means that their functionalities are to fulfill the need of many property managers as possible. You might even find some of the functionalities unnecessary for your business. That is why it is better to use custom property software designed and developed to suit your requirements. You can also look for the best property management app that will help you in the same way.

If you want to know more about the benefits of using property management software, click here.

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Choosing the Right Construction Contractors Near Me

Building a house is probably the biggest investment that a person makes in his or her entire life and such investments definitely deserve a proper direction. Whether it is a house remodeling project or building a completely new one, finding an efficient building contractor is the most important part of the project.

Your project’s success and failure to a great extent depends on it. A big project like house building becomes simple when you find a skilled and trustworthy contractor. As the market is flooded with construction companies that claim to give you the best service, it is your responsibility to find a genuine one. You just afford to choose a contractor based on only his words; there are certain things that you need to keep in mind to test his skills.

Even before choosing a contractor you too have small responsibilities to perform while building a house.

When looking for the building contractors in GTA, here are the things to consider before hiring

Here is the list of things that you need to bear in your mind while searching for a suitable contractor

1. Reviews

Today we all depend on the internet for even the smallest things in life and finding a construction contractor is also not an exception to this trend. While searching for construction companies don’t forget to check their customer reviews as they can be useful for finding the best building contractor near me in GTA. You can also ask your friends and relatives for recommendation on the same.

2. Check out the services offered by the company and the technology it uses

Go through the list of services a construction company offers its clients. Try to look for the one that covers maximum services within your budget and select the best contractors in Mississauga depending on the number of services it provides and the work quality.

3. Paperwork

Ask the company to give you the detailed information on the following

  • Previous work samples along with the details of the clients
  • Office paperwork with details
  • The contract papers with every details mentioned in it
  • Bills must be given to you with proper stamps and seal

4. Experience

Ask the company about their experience in this field and also if they have worked in similar project before. An experienced company is capable of working in timely and efficient manner so it is always better to rely on an experienced company than an inexperienced one.

5. Contract

A contract is the most important part of a project as everything depends on it. Once you sign the contract papers, you won’t be able to step back after that and that is why you need to be extra cautious while signing it. Make sure the contract includes the following

  • Quantities
  • Specifications
  • The thickness of the materials used
  • Date of Completion
  • Expense

Even if the contractor you select fulfills all the above mentioned criteria, don’t forget to read all the contract details carefully before finalizing the deal. Step back immediately if you are unsure about anything that can later land you in trouble. The quality of your house highly depends on the time you spend on doing proper research and choosing an efficient contractor.

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General Contractor for Your Home Renovation Project

Home remodeling projects often give sleepless nights to the homeowners due to the worries and concerns of multiple factors. These concerns include the cost and time duration of the project, whether it was a right move and the biggest one is choosing the right contract for the complicated job. It is not always very difficult to find the right general contractor for a new project.

A reliable team, strategic onsite management and straight forward budgeting can together make the project successful. Always remember that the general contractor you choose for your house will play a vital role in your everyday life. To show you the right direction in your decision making process I have shared some tips which will help you find a suitable contractor for your building renovation.

1. Experience

The first and foremost thing that you must look for in a general construction company is the experience it has in this field. A firm’s experience speaks about its’ eligibility and the potential to stay in this competitive industry for a long period. Apart from the number of years the firm has been operating in this field, there is another factor that needs to be taken into account and that is the contacts that it has. It is evident that experienced general contractors remain in touch with businesses, contractors and suppliers that ensure a smooth flow of your project.

2. The kind of projects it handled

Make sure that the firm you choose is able to handle different types of projects from complicated concrete tilt ups to extensive commercial areas. The commercial buildings today represent the concept of innovation and clients would definitely want to show the creative side of the building to their tenants to make an impressive impression. That is why a construction firm should be able to identify the needs of the clients and understand their goals.

3. Look for references

Ask your friends, family and office colleagues for recommendations. This works a lot in finding the right construction firm for your project. You can also ask for the details of the customers of the construction company you want to hire. A confident and efficient firm would never shy away sharing the details with you because they know their customers would always give positive reviews about them. The past customers can show you the clear picture of the firm’s work ethics and the quality of services.

4. Pay attention to details

Before finalizing a construction service provider it is important for you to get the details of the company. You should ask each contractor about their insurance. Generally these details are sent through mails by the construction firms. It gives an assurance of security in case a worker is injured during the job. You can also enquire the local building authority for the verification of each contractor’s license. It is impossible to foresee every situation that might occur during the work but you can always take measures to minimize trouble in case of any issues by choosing an efficient contractor.

5. Communication

Communication is a crucial aspect of a construction project. If it is not managed properly it can simply delay the progress of your build. A free flow of communication ensures the project is running smoothly. So next time when you search on Google typing general contractors near me don’t forget to see the above mentioned qualities in them.

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Ways to Find an Efficient Contractor to Build your House

Building a house itself is a very big decision for which we do a lot of planning, plotting and research. As house is something that is built only once in a lifetime we leave no stones unturned in making it a grand one. So can you give this big responsibility to just anyone?

Of course not. Finding a skilled and experienced contractor for your house building project pushes you one step closer to your dream house. Everyone dreams about building a solid house for their loved ones to keep them under a safe and secured shelter.

If you are one of them and have decided to build your own house, it is crucial for you to find a contractor who can give you your desired result for your house.

1. Ask for recommendations

Begin this journey by asking your friends or family members for their recommendation on residential contractors. You can also go through the list of members in your area in the National Association of the remodeling industry and get their details by simply typing the website name on Google.

Building inspectors are also a good source for recommendation in this regard as they know about the home renovation contractors who routinely fulfill code requirements.

2. Do telephonic interviews

After assembling the recommendations, you can initiate a quick call to each of the contractor for more information on their services. Make sure that you include these followings questions in your conversation.

  • Do they offer financial references from suppliers or banks?
  • How many projects they are capable of handling at the same time?
  • Do they usually take on projects like yours?
  • How long have they worked with their subcontractors?
  • Are they willing give you the list their previous clients?

The answers to these questions will give you an idea about the company’s reliability, dedication and availability.

3. Initiate a face to face meeting

Depending on your telephonic interviews, select 5 to 6 contractors to meet in person for estimates and further discussion on your project.

During your interaction with contractors, you need to see whether the contractors are able to solve your queries satisfactorily. At the same time don’t get carried away by their personalities.

Some contractors do know how to trap consumers with their words, so check in with your state’s consumer perfection agency and your local Better Business Bureau (BBB) before signing the deal with a contractor.

4. Compare bids

Do not go for the first contractor you find impressive. Ask for estimations from different contractors and compare them. There should not be much difference in estimates but if you notice a significant hike then do not hesitate to ask for clarification from the contractor.

Another thing that has to be kept in mind is that do not get influenced by low price. Low price can simply mean low service quality or inefficient services. So while comparing price, check what services are included in the package.

5. Get everything in a written form

Getting everything in a contract paper is the best way to ensure that you will get what you are promised. Draw up a contract that contains the details of every step of the project. It does not mean that you are disbelieving the contractor; it simply means you are insuring a successful renovation.

Do not miss any of the above mentioned steps before finalizing a contractor for a big project like house building. So when you are ready to gear up for the project ask Google to help you out with some construction companies near you.

You will see different types of contractors in your research some of them are into general contracting business and some offer residential construction services Mississauga.

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About Rental Units Turnover App

The internet has become our “go-to” place when we are in need of anything. It has the world at your fingertips with handy information available at your beck and call. Whether it is ordering food online or house hunting – the common population resorts to looking up everything online.

Owing to this shift, rental property owners have also resorted to online channels to meet prospective tenants. From unit make-ready software to rental units turnover apps, every process is supported by innovative digital solutions. Thus, as a property owner, you get the convenience to do everything online – right from reaching out to prospective tenants to bidding them farewell.

What is the Rental Units Turnover App?

Unless you keep your rent abysmally low to a point where you incur losses, turnover is unavoidable and inevitable. As the turnover date draws closer, it can be rather intimidating to juggle all the tasks. Naturally, advance planning can facilitate a smoother turnover but it also requires thorough strategic planning.

For an individual, managing everything can be strenuous and susceptible to slips ups. On the other hand, teams require a high level of coordination to ensure that they have covered all grounds. To avoid any damage to your rental turnover units, you could make use of an app to manage everything without breaking into a sweat!

This is what a rental units turnover app is all about! It does the bulk of the job for you.

How do Rental Units Turnover Apps Help?

Here are three ways in which rental units turnover app are changing the face of the rental industry:

Keeps All the Parties Directly Involved

It is extremely important to stay involved and active throughout the turnover process. Rental property owners can keep a close eye and monitor the progress of all the repairs and maintenance work that is carried out by the professional staff. Further, the new tenant would naturally wish to stay updated on the tentative date on which they can move in. They would like to be updated in case of any delays so that you are not stranded outside an unmade house.

Opens Channels for Quick Communication

Rental turnover apps contain spreadsheets, sticky notes, whiteboards and other forms of communication through which you can receive live updates on the status of the turnover. The app acts as a platform to connect the rental property owner, the former tenant, the new tenant, and various vendors and crews involved. Rather than making multiple calls for updates, one can find all the updates in a single place.

Adds Convenience

Quite obviously, rental unit turnover apps offer a great degree of convenience to everyone. No matter which place you are in, you can get updated on the latest happenings. It is even more convenient for the rental property owner since they do not have to physically visit the rental units to inspect the apartment. All the relevant information is available on a single dashboard. As a result, these apps also cuts down on the turnover time as the rental property owner can carry out a remote inspection.

Are you wondering which rental unit turnover app is perfect for you? Try out and you will never wish to try out another turnover app ever!

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Helping Contractors in an All-new Learning Environment

Building a Modern Workspace for Contractors

The chief idea behind contracting professionals involved in this job is to maximize savings. This includes savings in the form of material purchased and eventually spent, as well as in the form of total project expenditure. With the dynamic nature of the construction industry, the kind of material that would be left unconsumed might not really be useful for the next project. Therefore, when charting out the requirements, any general contracting company has to keep this in mind.

Why New Technology?

There have been a lot of technological advancements that can address these issues. For that purpose, contractors need information regarding the technologies that purport to change the game so that they can retain that edge that they have. This technological implementation can potentially change the way they work in terms of design, logistics, project management, budgeting, etc. This adaptation to modern technology helps the company that contracted in the first place rather than the contracting professionals themselves. Since they have a set approach to business that’s tried and tested, contractors aren’t under any obligation to try out new methods.

Contractor and Contractee Roles

general-contractorsWhile a survey by Informa suggested that contractors are interested in knowing about the newer technologies, they’d rather do it when there is ready access or when all the relevant players are advertising in one place so that the time spent researching the technologies is better spent researching about the technologies. In this regard, the companies that want to issue for contracting can play a major role. While enforcing it clearly that there’s a need to adapt to the new technology can work partly, ensuring that these professionals are trained enough to understand the benefits would go a longer way.

The informa survey suggested that contractors want to be involved in each step of the construction process. Therefore, digitisation like project management apps that deal with the progress serve to keep everyone in loop. Beyond keeping all the concerned parties in loop too, however, there’s a need for the stakeholders to ensure contracting professionals develop skill to handle the new technology. While the initial resistance could be in terms of job insecurity, the savings that would create an increase in the overall revenue for the contracting firm would far outweigh these reservations.

Making it Easy

However, since time is money for these firms, they can’t afford to attend boot camps and sit down to complete courses. They need instant access to source material and skill upgradation tools, and they need it at their convenience. Therefore, it is important that in helping the contractors when they are in an all-new working environment, that you create a scenario that would not only be beneficial for them, but also not require them to sit down for a class.

Doing that is no simple task. A company’s willingness to adapt to these technologies is just as important as their knowledge about the latest technologies. You’d need a company that understand that the right capital outlay can translate into future savings. An ideal contractor firm teaches itself in a new environment because they know the value of savings and techniques that help in savings.

Partner with BMGCI

Build Max General Contracting Inc., BMGCI provides construction service to residential condominium and commercial properties. With over 20 years of experience in the field and operations across Greater Toronto, Southern Ontario including Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Barrie, New Market, Richmond Hill, Oshawa, Kitchener / Waterloo, Cambridge, and London, we bring with the latest in technology and competitive prices that don’t compromise on quality while meeting and improving upon your suggestions. Our constructions come with the implicit guarantee of price appreciation and consistent performance over time.

The Critical Roles A Property Management Software Plays

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The Critical Roles A Property Management Software Plays

Property management consists of a lot of juggling tasks. Keeping track of rent payments, and following maintenance requests, are the common real estate operations. Performing such operations manually is both- time-consuming and overwhelming. These two operations are just a small share of what a property manager face on his/her daily basis. Best property management apps have taken a great move. These applications provide property managers to automatically accept payments and develop accurate business reports. Digital solutions, in fact, help property dealers keep track of the information accurately for a long span of time.

In today’s digital world, having digital software for property management is the best option of automating multiple day-to-day business operations that required hours of manual work. The benefit of using digital applications is more than just saving time. You might wonder how a real estate property management application can benefit you; here is the answer!

You can find a huge amount of ready-to-use digital property management solutions. The main disadvantage of using them is that they are developed with a wide range of functionalities addressing the needs of the greatest number of property dealers. Many out of these functionalities may be useless for you. There isn’t any point in paying for the features that are useless for your business. Moreover, it is important to build custom software that can suit your specific requirements.

Problems Managers Usually Face

Before building property management software it is important to identify the tough nuts to crack. What are the things you as a property manager are struggling with?

Lack of Communication: Handling multiple properties means treating multiple residents at a time. People come and go! You really need to be prepared to manage the constant leasing process. Not only this, any sort of property operations requires an excellent communication flow. On top of that, phone calls and emails are not the only ones and the last options for having a good communication flow.

Maintenance Applications: Accidents can happen at any time and anyplace. People cannot come to you right away to inform you what has happened with the property. Moreover, fixed working hours are the key factor delaying the maintenance requests to come to you; and what’s more, is to contact and hire the right person to repair the defect as early as possible. Without having instant access to the requests, it will be easy for you to forget the applications awaiting a valid response from you.

Delayed Payments: Manually operating financial records have the highest chances of errors. Sending reminders for the upcoming rent payment and getting hundred percent payment records is not easy if done manually. A huge risk of not sending payment reminders to some tenants and missing out the payment records is quite usual. And on top of all, losing financial control can open up the best chances of losing your business.

Reasons for Using Property Management Software

PMS (property management software) solves mostly all property related issues that you may struggle dealing with on every single day.

Real-time Information: Following the manual method, you will keep all your key information stored in your pc or laptop in the form of a document file, or you may store great piles of folders full with hard copies of your documents. Will you be able to manage necessary tasks the right time when required? PMS – a web-based platform, on the contrary, enables you to work at any time and from anywhere. This is the system where your data will be stored online automatically. This allows easy access to all necessary features at any place from any device, even from a mobile phone.

Effortless Communication: Property management is not done by only you managing everything. It also has tenants performing many other operations like paying rent, submitting maintenance requests, etc. In short, it requires time from the tenant’s side and availability from your end. Having the best real estate property management application on your phone you can enable an easy way for your tenants to perform all required operations online by logging into their own profile. An online portal will allow your tenants to file a maintenance report and receive updates on their convenience.

Quick Inspection: Property inspection is the most time-consuming task every property manager face on a frequent basis. Visiting multiple properties, writing down the key information about each of them properly, and storing them back into your pc or laptop at the office manually is tiresome and also time-consuming. A PMS can help you conduct quick inspections and gather report while out at any place. These online inspection reports can save you a lot of time which you can utilize for other important tasks.

Easy Payments: Keeping track of payments is quite difficult and troublesome with a specific number of days of processing. The procedure also has possible chances to miss out one or the other payment record when piling up manually to the document sheets. A PMS, on the other note, allow tenants to pay their rents right from the device they have while making the payment; may it be a mobile phone or tablet. On your side, you can with ease keep track of the payments online.

Secured Data: Document security is very important in any business. And being a property manager, it is your prime responsibility to keep all sensitive details like customer’s credit check reports and lease agreements safe and secured. Your property management app can help you with this. Having it all sensitive and personal data are stored online. The data encryption offered by the software development company will keep your date more secured.

In Summary

 As noted above, you can understand how property management software can help you manage your day-to-day tasks and keep an eye on all sort of detailed information. What appears here are just a few points, there are in fact many other operations you need to monitor from inspection to facilitating maintenance requests. Over and above, automation helps you gain more time to spend on other essentialities that can help you grow your business.

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