Caulking and Sealant

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Sealant and Caulking are critical components in metal construction and installation projects, as they are used to fill gaps and cracks. They create a barrier that prevents air, water, moisture, dust, smoke, gas and noise from accidentally passing through the building envelope to areas they are not meant to get to for many reasons such as building code and regulatory compliance just to name a couple.

Sealants however, act as a seal between metal and other exterior materials where there is a strong possibility of movement between joints and surfaces from temperature changes or external forces, yet a watertight and/or airtight seal must be maintained. Examples such as standing metal seams, window abutments and seams, roof penetrations, wall transitions, flashings, gutter seams and many others, rely on sealants to make them function properly in order to keep interiors dry, warm and safe.

Ironically, sealants cost less than 1 percent of the building’s cost, and yet are so frequently ignored in a building’s maintenance and replacement program, even though they are the last line of defense to ensuring the water and air tightness of the building envelope. Failure to maintain the barriers that the caulking and sealant provide could result in damages 100 times or more in cost, than the cost of the maintenance and replacement of the caulking or sealant repair itself.

Building sealing and caulking, was one of the very first services Build Max offered in the commercial construction and building maintenance market space over 20 years ago, and to this very day, are still involved in multiple projects each year throughout the GTA, ensuring building envelopes are maintained professionally and to code to protect its residents and their investments.

All work is guaranteed and backed by a manufacturer’s on-site test certificate to prove the products used and our application process for the entire sealing project meets or exceeds the manufacturing and installation standards.

That is what we call ‘sealing the deal’ at Build Max!

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