Garage and Balcony Restoration

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One of the most overlooked and under maintained property items are parking structures. Everyone simply assumes they are there and will last forever since they are utilitarian by design. However, nothing lasts forever, and they can pose a unique set of repair problems when repairs are needed.

Parked vehicles, vehicular movement and extreme weather conditions all contribute to the damage to your parking garage structure, not all of which is visible to the naked eye. Water and mineral salts, along with movement of the structure itself, can deteriorate the parking surfaces, ceilings, walls, membranes and expansion joints, all of which were engineered to provide critical waterproof protection along with parking capabilities for the users of the garage. The failure to maintain a parking structure can result in problems ranging from cosmetic repairs to compromising its structural integrity and potential structural failure.

Now let’s look at the other end of the spectrum. Everyone loves to stand on their balcony and enjoy the view, but few know if what they are standing on is still safe for them or their family. Many things can cause structural deterioration and damage to a balcony such as weather, fire, natural disasters or simply the passing of time. However, with a good maintenance and repair program, the life of a balcony can be safely extended. Regular inspections identify problems in the early stages of development, as well as when more serious problems are suspected or evident before they pose a serious safety risk to the residents, visitors and staff.

From an esthetics perspective, balconies are very visible from ground level and other vantage points such as roadways and highways. Poorly maintained balconies reduce the overall exterior appearance of the property, which in turn can negatively impact the value of the property as well as each unit. It can be the first impression a potential new buyer or tenant makes as to how well a building is being maintained.

Property Managers, Condominium Boards and Building Owners are responsible for the maintenance and safety of the building and its tenants, and as such can be held liable if found negligent in the execution of their responsibilities.  There have been too many documented media cases of concrete pieces falling off of buildings and other structures, causing injury and property damage to those below, or where a balcony has suddenly collapsed resulting in the injury or death of the occupants. No one likes to hear of these tragedies, but they should trigger everyone to asses their own environment to see if they are at risk before similar tragedies strike.

Working with experienced professionals is the first step to assessing your situation to see if there are problems to address before they can too big and expensive, or worse… unsafe, and from there to identify a practical and cost effective solution. Build Max and their team of technical and skilled trades have extensive experience in the cleaning, maintenance, waterproofing, testing and repair of concrete parking structures, as well as balcony restoration services to ensure the safety of the building’s staff, residents and their guests for years to come.

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