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Every day that an apartment or condo is vacant, is a day of lost revenue that can never be recovered. As tenants come and go, Property Managers and Superintendents have to continually scope out the necessary work needed to refresh, repair or renovate rental spaces to attract quality tenants.

Property Managers must then source and engage Contractors in the bidding process, manage the scope of work, the Contractor(s) performance, inspection(s) and finally the hassle of resolving any deficiencies (if they get done at all !)….. all of which is very time consuming and stressful.

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Regardless of whether you have a large or small portfolio of properties that needs major or minor renovations, Build Max and their team of renovation specialists, can complete your scope of work quickly and efficiently to the quality you expect, so that you can focus on what is truly valuable to you and your team, and that is quickly filling vacancies with good tenants in support of maximizing rental revenues while managing costs effectively.

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