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Major Differences between Residential and Commercial Construction

Both commercial and residential construction differ in several aspects. While they are a part of the same industry, you can clearly see the distinction between a residential construction company, Mississauga, and a commercial construction company, Mississauga. Both build structures but differ in terms of material, equipment, and many other things. 

Residential properties generally include houses, duplex, bungalows, townhouses, housing societies, and co-operatives. Apartment buildings are usually for residential purposes, but if they are leased out for rental, they become part of commercial construction.

On the other hand, commercial general contracting Mississauga includes building large-scale commercial office spaces, retail outlets, showrooms & malls, storage units, and factory & industrial units. They are significantly larger than residential structures and involve a lot more things than building houses.

In this article, we will look at the critical differences between residential and commercial construction. We will highlight these distinctions based on several factors that will assist in identifying the purpose of each type of construction space. 

Difference between residential and commercial construction

Any residential construction company Mississauga would work on a much smaller scale than a commercial construction company, Mississauga. But how do you identify which is which when there are a whole lot of options available? Here are a few factors that can help you distinguish between residential and commercial construction – 

1. Building material

Residential construction generally involves the use of timber and other wood material to build the framework and structure. Since it is cost-effective and suitable for small properties, wood is the major component in building a house.

Commercial construction involves steel frames in its structure. Since it involves holding a large number of floors and components, steel is much more suitable than wood or timber. It is a resilient material that is perfect for taller and bigger buildings.

2. Permits required

A company involved in general contracting, Mississauga would have to obtain licenses for both commercial and residential construction. However, larger buildings and spaces require special permissions as compared to houses and bungalows.

Any commercial construction company, Mississauga, will need a permit for building material, electrical connections, plumbing, design, size, and much more. Residential spaces only need one or two permissions from the local municipality to begging the construction process.

3. Cost differences

The most significant difference between residential and commercial construction is the cost. There are several costs associated with labor, material, compliances, and many more things. Residential costs are often covered by a loan that the individual or the family can take from a bank.

Commercial projects require vast sums of money that require corporate financing. Apart from that, the commercial property developer must be wealthy enough to undertake such a project. They need to have the funds to fulfill all the preliminary requirements and invest in the initial stages.

4. Equipment

The biggest piece of equipment that a residential construction company, Mississauga, would require is the machine for installing the roof. Apart from that, most of the things involved DIY or some sort of low-scale equipment that can help in construction.

On the other hand, a commercial construction company Mississauga, will need large machinery for removing earth, cranes, JCBs, and much more. Since the buildings are tall and heavy, the components need to be placed with the help of heavy equipment. It would require machines that can are operated by experienced professionals to ensure the safety and quality of the building.

Apart from this, there are deadlines, expertise, and many more factors that can help you differentiate between residential and commercial construction. The above points give an overview as to how you can identify whether a company for general contracting, Mississauga, is involved with residential or commercial construction.

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5 Effective Ways to Get the Best Work from Your Contractor

Dealing with a contractor for residential construction might be challenging for many especially for those who are the first-timers. Even before dealing, hiring is also no less than a challenge. However, the journey does not have to be stressful always if you know the right tricks to hire and deal with them. When it comes to hiring a, you need to keep certain things in mind to reach out to a reliable construction company like

  • Contractor’s experience
  • Reputation in the market
  • License
  • Good reference and
  • Service charges

After finalizing the deal with the contractor, your focus should be on getting the best work from him for which you need to make sure that you have a clear agreement and expectations even before his team starts working on your property. Besides this, maintaining good communication with them is also very important throughout the process. Here are some useful tricks that will help you deal with your contractor successfully.

1. Maintain good communication

As mentioned above, maintaining good communication with your contractor is the key to establish a healthy relationship with them. You can always ask your contractors about their preferred mode of communication. You can stay in touch with them in the following ways

  • By visiting the project location and having a conversation with the contractors every day before their work begins
  • Keeping in touch with the project manager on a regular basis
  • Having your contractors’ phone number and their consent to call or message anytime

2. Use a project journal

Keeping a project journal can be extremely helpful for your project where you can

  • Keep the track of your project
  • Write down the queries you have for your contractor
  • Note down your ideas
  • Mention upcoming delivery date
  • Record products and delivery numbers

3. Keep the track of all changes in written forms

Structural problems are unpredictable and may occur anytime during the project or you may even add up work as the project moves ahead. An efficient contract handles such changes very easily. However, to stay in the safer side you must ensure that the contractor gives the details of such changes in a written form. It is better to mention the details of these changes in the remodeling contract. Here, your contractor will get the scope to make the changes in the fee structure as well. Both you and your contractor can give each other’s consent to the changes by signing in the contract before the work is done.

4. Check the work properly

Be practical while checking the work of your contractor. The most appropriate time to do that is when the entire team has left the location for a day. Your project journal can be very much helpful here as you can match everything mentioned in the project journal with the final work like

  • Comparing the details of appliances and fixtures against your receipts and invoices to confirm that the right products are sent
  • Checking the areas of doors and windows opening against the blueprints
  • Pointing out any quality related issues that catch your eyes

5. Make payments only when the work is completed

Your contract details should divide the payment into various steps throughout the entire project. For instance your contract could specify that you need to make your payment in three or four installments and the final payment should be cleared at the last step of the project. However, you should never pay more than 10% before the project completion.

6. Be a friendly customer

As a client, you do have the right to expect good quality work from your contractor but to ensure that sometimes you need to be a good customer as well so that their interest in working with your sustains. You can do the following to be a friendly client for your contractor

  • You can call them by their names in each morning
  • Arranging a bathroom for their regular use
  • Offering them cold lemonade on a sunny day
  • Appreciating their work as long as you feel worthy

Whether you are in search of a residential or commercial construction company, these above mentioned tips will help you find the best match for your general contracting Mississauga project.

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Choosing the Right Construction Contractors Near Me

Building a house is probably the biggest investment that a person makes in his or her entire life and such investments definitely deserve a proper direction. Whether it is a house remodeling project or building a completely new one, finding an efficient building contractor is the most important part of the project.

Your project’s success and failure to a great extent depends on it. A big project like house building becomes simple when you find a skilled and trustworthy contractor. As the market is flooded with construction companies that claim to give you the best service, it is your responsibility to find a genuine one. You just afford to choose a contractor based on only his words; there are certain things that you need to keep in mind to test his skills.

Even before choosing a contractor you too have small responsibilities to perform while building a house.

When looking for the building contractors in GTA, here are the things to consider before hiring

Here is the list of things that you need to bear in your mind while searching for a suitable contractor

1. Reviews

Today we all depend on the internet for even the smallest things in life and finding a construction contractor is also not an exception to this trend. While searching for construction companies don’t forget to check their customer reviews as they can be useful for finding the best building contractor near me in GTA. You can also ask your friends and relatives for recommendation on the same.

2. Check out the services offered by the company and the technology it uses

Go through the list of services a construction company offers its clients. Try to look for the one that covers maximum services within your budget and select the best contractors in Mississauga depending on the number of services it provides and the work quality.

3. Paperwork

Ask the company to give you the detailed information on the following

  • Previous work samples along with the details of the clients
  • Office paperwork with details
  • The contract papers with every details mentioned in it
  • Bills must be given to you with proper stamps and seal

4. Experience

Ask the company about their experience in this field and also if they have worked in similar project before. An experienced company is capable of working in timely and efficient manner so it is always better to rely on an experienced company than an inexperienced one.

5. Contract

A contract is the most important part of a project as everything depends on it. Once you sign the contract papers, you won’t be able to step back after that and that is why you need to be extra cautious while signing it. Make sure the contract includes the following

  • Quantities
  • Specifications
  • The thickness of the materials used
  • Date of Completion
  • Expense

Even if the contractor you select fulfills all the above mentioned criteria, don’t forget to read all the contract details carefully before finalizing the deal. Step back immediately if you are unsure about anything that can later land you in trouble. The quality of your house highly depends on the time you spend on doing proper research and choosing an efficient contractor.

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