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How We Ensure Quality While Building Commercial Construction Projects?

Construction of a new commercial building is no cakewalk. It requires a significant investment of time, effort, planning, and money. All of this will vary depending on the magnitude of the project. Taking up a commercial project can be a real headache if not managed well, and comprehensive collaboration among the team is not carried out.

It isn’t just about the construction of a building structure. Rather, it is more about quality construction with complete customer satisfaction. So, how does one go about this? What measures can be taken during the course of the project for quality supervision?

We at Build Max, are a residential and commercial construction company in Mississauga. Hence, we understand your expectations from the constructors. With our services for general contracting Mississauga, we ensure that we maintain the quality of the project, no matter what the magnitude be.

Measures that are taken to ensure quality during commercial construction projects

The construction of a commercial site can seem overwhelming. And maintaining the quality all throughout can surely be tedious. But, not so much, if it is carried out with accurate measures and a streamlined process. Here are some of the tips to maintain the quality of a project:

Create a realistic schedule for the commercial project:

As a commercial construction company Mississauga, we believe in setting a realistic schedule as a priority. This is quintessential for the success of a project. Having a schedule laid out allows the clients to keep some expectations, further leading to their satisfaction. The team and all workers involved in the project should be aware of the deadlines and project goals beforehand. This will allows the building to be completed in a seamless manner. Here is a rough framework of the elements to be considered in the planning phase:

  • Design: A blueprint of the building is the first and foremost step. Draft all the plans and get them approved by the architects and stakeholders.
  • Preconstruction: This involves making the construction site ready. For optimum quality and results, soil testing, site assessments, and other such activities are carried out well in advance.
  • Procurement of resources: Contact the suppliers and vendors to get the best quality material and get the construction process started. Establish good relations with the suppliers alongside.
  • Construction: This is the most important phase of the whole project. It involves the management of several tasks at once. A good way to do this is by dividing the teams into different departments and carry out the required tasks.
  • Handing over and project closeout: Once all of this is done, the project is handed over to the owner and is closed. However, before doing this, a thorough analysis of quality is done to meet the client’s expectations.


As a commercial construction company Mississauga, we cannot lay enough emphasis on the necessity of communication. Especially for large-scale communication projects with so many dynamics, it is essential to coordinate with the team at every step. The role of each individual involved in the project is different. So, proper communication at every phase helps in filling any gaps involved throughout the course, to effectively carry out the plan. A good way to do so is by deploying a project manager who overlooks all the tasks and the team. For example, a designer and engineer must work in accordance to see that the design is constructed as planned.

Hire a residential and commercial construction company in Mississauga, ON that meet the project requirements and quality.

Include automation:

Delivering quality results is the priority for all construction companies. This can be made better by increasing efficiency. But, how does one do that? Integrate automation at the workplace. There are several tools available that help in the management of schedule, workflow, budget costs, and even designing. You can opt for these tools and let them work for you.

We take up general contracting Mississauga, helping you incorporate the right methods for your construction process.

Risk management:

To provide the utmost quality to the clients, it is essential to foresee any risks and unexpected casualties. Always have a backup plan of action, and set realistic goals. This will help in avoiding any delays and making the project go off track. Additionally, take required measures for injuries on the site and complete labor safety. Get the right protective equipment and gears for the workers, as this will keep the productivity maximum under all circumstances.

Budget planning:

It isn’t necessary that the bigger the project, the higher will be the budget. When planning the finances, it is essential to know every detail and aspect of the project and divide the funds accordingly. The budget also varies based on the bid proposal and the client’s expectations. As a company for general contracting Mississauga, we help you plan it all efficiently without overspending your budget.


To summarize, you must take all the above-mentioned ways into consideration to deliver optimum quality construction in projects to your clients, and meet their expectations. We at Build Max, offer general contracting Mississauga, and believe in building lasting relations with our clients. So, if you are also planning to kickstart a commercial construction project, take note of all these points.

As a residential construction company Mississauga, and a commercial construction company Mississauga, we work to deliver the best. We want our customers to keep coming back to us, and hence, provide them with reliable and optimum services. Visit our site or contact us to get your quote for the project right away!

Build_MaxHow We Ensure Quality While Building Commercial Construction Projects?
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Top Innovative Techniques in Commercial Construction

Commercial construction is growing at a rapid pace. With advanced technologies in action, there are unique ways through which the industry is growing. A commercial construction company Mississauga, is adopting newer ways to build high-quality buildings and commercial spaces. From smart buildings to spaces that work on solar electricity, commercial construction is witnessing a new age of development in recent years.

Things are extremely different than they used to be. Innovative techniques speed up the process, provide high-quality buildings, and offer more security and safety while construction. While any residential construction company, Mississauga, can use the latest technology as the project is just one house, commercial construction involves lots of challenges.

In this article, we will highlight the top innovative techniques used in commercial construction by a company specializing in general contracting Mississauga. The purpose is to showcase how these latest techniques are transforming the commercial construction industry and multiplying its growth.

Top innovative techniques in commercial construction

Choosing the right commercial construction company, Mississauga is important. It will ensure that these professionals are using the latest techniques and following the trends of the industry. It will keep the commercial spaces updated with the best-in-class features. Here are the top innovative techniques used in commercial construction to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency – 

1. VR and AR Modeling

One of the biggest innovations in commercial construction is the introduction of Augmented and Virtual Reality modeling. Digital models gave a good idea about the structure and layout of the building. With AR & VR modeling, clients get an immersive environment to understand the models in more detail. They can experience the nuances of the property and save themselves from making a lot of construction mistakes by seeing the outcome firsthand.

2. Prefabricated construction

This is not a new innovation but certainly the biggest one. It has saved hours of time and tons of money for the clients and the company involved in general contracting, Mississauga for the project. The critical elements of the buildings are prefabricated at different locations. These components are brought to the site and installed together to form the structure of the building. It is fast and ensures complete safety during the process.

3. Sustainable construction

Renewable energy and sustainability are becoming major drivers in all industries. While a residential construction company Mississauga can easily meet cleantech standards, commercial construction is also adopting it lately. Solar-powered buildings and energy-efficient layouts are ensuring that the property owners enjoy the most benefit and leave a positive impact on the environment. The trends in cleantech are growing every day, and commercial construction is witnessing a major shift towards it.

4. 3-D Printing

Without a doubt, 3-D printing is the game-changer in the construction industry. With the mix of concrete and building material, companies can build components in big 3-D printers. This provides an entirely new perspective as the architects can design and style the structure by understanding the different dimensions. It reduces the construction costs twofold. However, only residential projects are currently using 3-D projects. Soon, commercial spaces would also have components built using 3-D printing.

Major Differences between Residential and Commercial Construction

5. Smart buildings

A significant innovation in commercial construction is the utilization of connected systems to build smart buildings. Companies provide a full range of automation functions that ensure the building is interconnected. There are functions like on-site security and access, climate control systems, on-site communications, and much more. It provides the property owners with more control over the environment of their commercial property. A controlled environment ensures that the owners can monitor for any happenings that occur in the building. 

These are 5 innovative techniques that most companies for general contracting, Mississauga are adopting while commercial construction. More techniques would certainly come in the future that will change the industry.

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Major Differences between Residential and Commercial Construction

Both commercial and residential construction differ in several aspects. While they are a part of the same industry, you can clearly see the distinction between a residential construction company, Mississauga, and a commercial construction company, Mississauga. Both build structures but differ in terms of material, equipment, and many other things. 

Residential properties generally include houses, duplex, bungalows, townhouses, housing societies, and co-operatives. Apartment buildings are usually for residential purposes, but if they are leased out for rental, they become part of commercial construction.

On the other hand, commercial general contracting Mississauga includes building large-scale commercial office spaces, retail outlets, showrooms & malls, storage units, and factory & industrial units. They are significantly larger than residential structures and involve a lot more things than building houses.

In this article, we will look at the critical differences between residential and commercial construction. We will highlight these distinctions based on several factors that will assist in identifying the purpose of each type of construction space. 

Difference between residential and commercial construction

Any residential construction company Mississauga would work on a much smaller scale than a commercial construction company, Mississauga. But how do you identify which is which when there are a whole lot of options available? Here are a few factors that can help you distinguish between residential and commercial construction – 

1. Building material

Residential construction generally involves the use of timber and other wood material to build the framework and structure. Since it is cost-effective and suitable for small properties, wood is the major component in building a house.

Commercial construction involves steel frames in its structure. Since it involves holding a large number of floors and components, steel is much more suitable than wood or timber. It is a resilient material that is perfect for taller and bigger buildings.

2. Permits required

A company involved in general contracting, Mississauga would have to obtain licenses for both commercial and residential construction. However, larger buildings and spaces require special permissions as compared to houses and bungalows.

Any commercial construction company, Mississauga, will need a permit for building material, electrical connections, plumbing, design, size, and much more. Residential spaces only need one or two permissions from the local municipality to begging the construction process.

3. Cost differences

The most significant difference between residential and commercial construction is the cost. There are several costs associated with labor, material, compliances, and many more things. Residential costs are often covered by a loan that the individual or the family can take from a bank.

Commercial projects require vast sums of money that require corporate financing. Apart from that, the commercial property developer must be wealthy enough to undertake such a project. They need to have the funds to fulfill all the preliminary requirements and invest in the initial stages.

4. Equipment

The biggest piece of equipment that a residential construction company, Mississauga, would require is the machine for installing the roof. Apart from that, most of the things involved DIY or some sort of low-scale equipment that can help in construction.

On the other hand, a commercial construction company Mississauga, will need large machinery for removing earth, cranes, JCBs, and much more. Since the buildings are tall and heavy, the components need to be placed with the help of heavy equipment. It would require machines that can are operated by experienced professionals to ensure the safety and quality of the building.

Apart from this, there are deadlines, expertise, and many more factors that can help you differentiate between residential and commercial construction. The above points give an overview as to how you can identify whether a company for general contracting, Mississauga, is involved with residential or commercial construction.

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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Building a Custom Home

Building a new house? Then you would want it to be perfect. From hiring a company for general contracting, Mississauga to the final touch of paint, everything needs to be right. However, building a custom home from scratch can be a challenge in itself. There are multiple problems that you will encounter. Construction companies Mississauga, recommend that you first solve these issues and then move on to the next step.

You can’t run away from the problems you face during building the house. By acknowledging these mistakes, you can prepare yourself for tackling them. If you want to avoid disappointment, your best bet is to hire a residential and commercial construction company, Mississauga, and let them take care of the entire process.

In this article, we will highlight the most obvious mistakes that people make in building a custom home. Because these houses are so challenging to build, you must ensure to avoid these common mistakes. Let’s have a look at them in detail.

Common mistakes to avoid while building a house

If you think that building a custom home is easy, think again. Following are the mistakes that people make while constructing a house from scratch and how to avoid them –

1. Leaving everything to the contractor

The biggest mistake that you can make is leaving everything to the developer. While you can hire a professional for commercial construction services Mississauga, you need to make the decisions yourself. You need to define the personality of your house and see to it that it reflects your character. You should ask the developer to bring your vision to life. A custom house will have a lot of additional elements that you might want but the contractor may reject them.

2. Not assembling the team

If you want to avoid a setback in building the house, gather your entire team from the beginning. Architect, builder, interior designer – all of them. The best construction company, Mississauga, will assemble a team of designers and builders to complete your work. If you find the team on-the-go, it would drastically impact your budget. It might happen that the contractor might bring in different ideas even after the design process has started. You might not be able to change that.

The role of Construction Management for Estate Projects

3. Untimely decision-making

You need to make timely decisions otherwise you will lose a lot of money. Most custom houses suffer delays because owners and builders didn’t make the decisions on time. A commercial construction company Mississauga, will establish a clear plan for every activity in developing the house. It enables them to move the building process smoothly. The construction schedule is one of the best weapons for properly building a customized house.

4. Not having a future vision

You have to keep in mind the future while building your house. You might be enticed to build a house for today. But they miss the fact that in the future they may have a family. They may have kids. When that happens, how do you plan to accommodate them all? Always have a future vision for your house. Are there enough rooms for the family? Do you need stairs for the older people? Answer all these questions keeping in mind the members who will live in the house.

5. Not amounting for contingencies

Another common mistake that you might make is not amounting to contingencies. If you don’t set aside a budget for emergencies and additional activities, then you will face serious troubles. Professionals in general contracting Mississauga recommend that you should have at least 10% of your budget in the contingency fund. You should also account for time emergencies, time delays, and many more aspects.

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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Home Contractor

Are you thinking of redesigning your home or want to get some issues fixed in your space? Hiring a home contractor is something that comes to mind. The best contractors in Mississauga can fix almost every issue – from applying wallpaper to painting a 50-year-old bathroom wall.

But before you can hire a contractor, you need to look at different construction companies, Mississauga, Selecting the right contractor is as essential as deciding what colour to apply on the walls. You can give your house for general contracting, Mississauga, and ensure that the work is done the right way.

In this article, we will help you find the best contractors for residential construction services, Mississauga. We hope that this will help you make a better decision as to which contractors are best for you.

5 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Home Contractor

Asking these questions is crucial because hiring the wrong contractor can lead to problems while fixing your house. You must always be careful as to who you hire for general contracting Mississauga. Here are the following questions you need to ask –

1. What is your experience?

Always ask the number of years of experience that the best contractors in Mississauga have. You must ask where they have worked before and how long it takes them to complete the work. Knowing this experience is essential because it will tell you whether they are equipped to work or not. Home contracting is challenging because there are a lot of design aspects to consider.

2. Are they licensed?

It is very important to know whether the residential construction services Mississauga, are licensed or not. Having a proper license is important because it builds the credibility and authority of the business they are involved in. Licensed contractors are authorized to undertake home contracting work. It means that they have the skills, knowledge, and experience to deliver on your requirements.

General Contractor for Your Home Renovation Project

3. Do you offer workman’s compensation?

This is a critical one. If there’s some injury to workers on-the-job, you will not be responsible for that. Workmen’s insurance ensures that the construction company will take care of any mishaps that may happen. Since there are challenging and risky tasks in home contracting, knowing that the contractor offers insurance for its employees is extremely important. You will not face any issues in case any incident or injury takes place.

4. Can you provide references?

References can help you understand the kind of work that the company doing general contracting, Mississauga, has already undertaken. You can check out the references and see the quality of work that they offer. References will also tell you whether you should choose the company or not. They will help you estimate the type of work, employee behaviour, timeline, and if the company fits your budget or not.

5. What is the time and cost estimate?

Probably the best question to ask when hiring the best contractors in Mississauga is to understand how much they charge and when they will finish the work. The more time they take, the more money you will have to spend on them. Having a timeline, in the beginning, will save you from any additional costs and keep the contractors on track to finish their work. They will always keep the deadline in mind and finish the work before time so you will also save a lot of money.

Hiring the best home contractor is not difficult – but you have to get the right one. Evaluate multiple companies for residential construction services, Mississauga, before you make the decision to hire someone for your work. Your home is valuable, and you don’t want it falling in the wrong hands. 

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5 Effective Ways to Get the Best Work from Your Contractor

Dealing with a contractor for residential construction might be challenging for many especially for those who are the first-timers. Even before dealing, hiring is also no less than a challenge. However, the journey does not have to be stressful always if you know the right tricks to hire and deal with them. When it comes to hiring a, you need to keep certain things in mind to reach out to a reliable construction company like

  • Contractor’s experience
  • Reputation in the market
  • License
  • Good reference and
  • Service charges

After finalizing the deal with the contractor, your focus should be on getting the best work from him for which you need to make sure that you have a clear agreement and expectations even before his team starts working on your property. Besides this, maintaining good communication with them is also very important throughout the process. Here are some useful tricks that will help you deal with your contractor successfully.

1. Maintain good communication

As mentioned above, maintaining good communication with your contractor is the key to establish a healthy relationship with them. You can always ask your contractors about their preferred mode of communication. You can stay in touch with them in the following ways

  • By visiting the project location and having a conversation with the contractors every day before their work begins
  • Keeping in touch with the project manager on a regular basis
  • Having your contractors’ phone number and their consent to call or message anytime

2. Use a project journal

Keeping a project journal can be extremely helpful for your project where you can

  • Keep the track of your project
  • Write down the queries you have for your contractor
  • Note down your ideas
  • Mention upcoming delivery date
  • Record products and delivery numbers

3. Keep the track of all changes in written forms

Structural problems are unpredictable and may occur anytime during the project or you may even add up work as the project moves ahead. An efficient contract handles such changes very easily. However, to stay in the safer side you must ensure that the contractor gives the details of such changes in a written form. It is better to mention the details of these changes in the remodeling contract. Here, your contractor will get the scope to make the changes in the fee structure as well. Both you and your contractor can give each other’s consent to the changes by signing in the contract before the work is done.

4. Check the work properly

Be practical while checking the work of your contractor. The most appropriate time to do that is when the entire team has left the location for a day. Your project journal can be very much helpful here as you can match everything mentioned in the project journal with the final work like

  • Comparing the details of appliances and fixtures against your receipts and invoices to confirm that the right products are sent
  • Checking the areas of doors and windows opening against the blueprints
  • Pointing out any quality related issues that catch your eyes

5. Make payments only when the work is completed

Your contract details should divide the payment into various steps throughout the entire project. For instance your contract could specify that you need to make your payment in three or four installments and the final payment should be cleared at the last step of the project. However, you should never pay more than 10% before the project completion.

6. Be a friendly customer

As a client, you do have the right to expect good quality work from your contractor but to ensure that sometimes you need to be a good customer as well so that their interest in working with your sustains. You can do the following to be a friendly client for your contractor

  • You can call them by their names in each morning
  • Arranging a bathroom for their regular use
  • Offering them cold lemonade on a sunny day
  • Appreciating their work as long as you feel worthy

Whether you are in search of a residential or commercial construction company, these above mentioned tips will help you find the best match for your general contracting Mississauga project.

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