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Get Smart & Safe Residential Construction Services in Mississauga

Have you been talking lately to your friends & acquaintances and asking for references for construction companies in Mississauga? Did you recently Google searched “Residential Construction Company Mississauga? If you are searching for a professional and reliable company offering residential construction services in Mississauga, then you have landed at the right place.

As one of the leading construction companies in Mississauga, Buildmax specializes in residential construction and ensures quality workmanship and successful project delivery. With experience that over 20 years in residential construction services in Mississauga, Buildmax boasts an enviable legacy of building some of the most iconic and a number of residential projects in and around the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario.

When it comes to residential construction, many homeowners miss out on hiring professional companies and increase the construction time and project cost. There are several benefits of hiring an experienced and professional residential construction company in Mississauga. We have listed some of the advantages below. Have a look!

Costs & Materials:

Instead of bringing in different contractors and handymen, it is best advised to hire a single company who can do the sourcing, liaison and execution of your house project. It will lead to a reduction in labor and waste as the residential construction company in Mississauga will have a network of vendors, suppliers, artisans and handymen. The cost of labour will be low and the materials can be bought at competitive rates. This will bring down the project cost by a significant margin while reducing your hassles as well.

Operational Efficiency:

Multiple contractors and artisans can lead to confusion, lack of coordination and ultimately delay in the project. It will also lead to multiple material purchases and sourcing of labour at different levels, which can lead to redundancies and an increase in project cost. Having too many project managers can also lead to chaos, tiffs and tension among workers at the site. As they say, too many cooks spoil the broth. Hiring one of the experienced construction companies in Mississauga, can escalate project execution, increase efficiency and coordination among people working on the project.

Better Time Management:


Time is money and any activity or decision that allows you to save time will work in your favor. Hiring professionals offering residential construction services in Mississauga can lead to enhanced coordination among the people who will work on your project and escalate the sourcing of materials and labour required. There will be no conflicts on the project site and no delays caused to other workers intruding on the space of others. Seasoned experts providing residential construction services in Mississauga, will make a thorough plan with dedicated schedules, ensuring no delays and better time management.

Faster Problem-solving:

At any residential project, it is imperative that there will be unexpected hurdles that will emerge time and again to cause delays. It is how fast we resolve those problems that decided whether the project is executed within budget and schedule or not. Having one decision-maker in the form of a single professional construction company in Mississauga leading your project will ensure that there are no longer delays and problems are resolved in the best possible way. Imagine having different contractors at the project site and no taking the responsibility, accountability and proactiveness to solve problems. Scary, isn’t it!

Formal Paperwork:

Large-scale projects involve a lot of formalities and complex permit processes that demand a lot of time. Having an experienced residential construction company by your side, will relieve you of all the possible hassles and taxing processes. They will also have proper documentation and insurance, which is a huge thumbs-up.

As one of the most renowned, reliable and recommended construction companies in Mississauga, Buildmax is committed to deliveingr the best when it comes to residential construction projects. We can help you complete your house construction or renovation project in a safe, smart, satisfying and cost-effective way.

Build_MaxGet Smart & Safe Residential Construction Services in Mississauga
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13 Important Points to Consider while Planning Bathroom Renovations

Renovating a bathroom can be an exciting as well as a daunting task. Before you start planning for exciting things like tile designs, paint colors or even curtains, you also need to focus on other things to make the remodeling exercise successful. We have got this comprehensive list of 13 points that can keep your bathroom renovation task on course with impressive results, according to professionals offering residential construction services in Mississauga.

1. Budget

The first and foremost thing to consider while planning for bathroom renovation is estimating a tentative budget. Setting a budget will help you make informed decisions and prevent excessive spending. One can take the help of residential construction company Mississauga to get an idea of the estimated cost.

2. Project Time

It has been observed by the experienced professionals from residential construction company Mississauga that homeowners make this perennial mistake of underestimating the time needed for remodeling a bathroom. However, they ignore the time taken for ordering and receiving tiles delivery, building custom cabinets and other intermediate steps. One can consult seasoned professionals offering residential construction services Mississauga for deciding project timelines.

3. Project Sequence

Having a definitive project sequence for bathroom renovation can help in avoiding mistakes and saving time & costs. Whether you are planning a complete bathroom makeover or tasks like repainting or fitting new fixtures, having a proper sequence like beginning from ceilings, followed up by walls and floors and concluded by fitting any new components. Talk to experts providing residential construction services Mississauga for help.

4. Identify hidden problems

If your building is very old, you should consider identifying any potential hidden problems that may arise later. Issues like structural deficiencies, poor quality fixtures, corroded plumbing, non-waterproof floors and others can add massive costs if done in an isolated way later.

5. Balance Style & Functionality

Many homeowners tend to incline towards the aesthetics of their bathrooms and forget the functional aspect & convenience. They focus too much on the colors, tile designs and overall looks while neglecting usability, durability and maintenance concerns. Design choices should comprehend things like who will use the bathroom, their individual needs and its cleaning. Bathrooms that blend style and functionality, according to professionals offering commercial construction services in Mississauga, hold higher market value.

6. Measurements

bathroom-measurementBathrooms have a complex arrangement of electrical cables, plumbing pipes, fixtures, curtains, etc. It is important to have correct measurements and specifications before you head out to the store to make purchases. One can take assistance from experts from residential or commercial construction services in Mississauga to get precise dimensions.

7. Contractor

Having a bad or inexperienced contractor for bathroom renovations can be a big step back. Look for a reliable residential construction company in Mississauga with a good track record and customer reviews.

8. Bathroom Fixtures and Features

Bathroom remodeling is never complete without replacing or repairing bathroom fixtures, including bathtubs, shower, toilet, sink, bidet, faucets and showerheads. Changing mirrors, door handles, curtains and other aesthetical elements can amp up your bathroom experiences.

9. Storage Cabinets

Planning for cabinets can always be tricky, especially in oddly shaped and smaller bathrooms. Cabinets need to offer maximum storage space without themselves occupying larger space. They must be easily accessible and look elegant.

10. Walls & Flooring

Depending on the budget and choice, one can opt for ceramic, marble or granite tiles as they are very popular among homeowners and also recommended by experts offering residential and commercial construction services in Mississauga. For flooring, there are other options like vinyl sheets, vinyl tiles and cement, which are inexpensive options offering great durability.

11. Lighting

Lighting not only completely transforms your experience in the bathroom but also provides a safe environment to carry out personal care activities. Plan to capture maximum natural light and support it with lighting fixtures.

12. Accessories

Homeowners can add the finishing touches to remodeled bathrooms by selecting unique, elegant and creative accessories. New towels, bath mats, plants, toothbrush holders, racks can be added if budget permits.

13. Final Clean

After all the remodeling, the final hurdle remains thorough cleaning of cabinets, walls, floor, windows and light fixtures. Many residential construction companies in Mississauga offer professional cleaning services for homeowners.

Build Max is a leading commercial and residential construction company in Mississauga offering comprehensive bathroom renovation services. Talk to our experts and we will help you design and execute your bathroom remodeling project.

Build_Max13 Important Points to Consider while Planning Bathroom Renovations
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How We Ensure Quality While Building Commercial Construction Projects?

Construction of a new commercial building is no cakewalk. It requires a significant investment of time, effort, planning, and money. All of this will vary depending on the magnitude of the project. Taking up a commercial project can be a real headache if not managed well, and comprehensive collaboration among the team is not carried out.

It isn’t just about the construction of a building structure. Rather, it is more about quality construction with complete customer satisfaction. So, how does one go about this? What measures can be taken during the course of the project for quality supervision?

We at Build Max, are a residential and commercial construction company in Mississauga. Hence, we understand your expectations from the constructors. With our services for general contracting Mississauga, we ensure that we maintain the quality of the project, no matter what the magnitude be.

Measures that are taken to ensure quality during commercial construction projects

The construction of a commercial site can seem overwhelming. And maintaining the quality all throughout can surely be tedious. But, not so much, if it is carried out with accurate measures and a streamlined process. Here are some of the tips to maintain the quality of a project:

Create a realistic schedule for the commercial project:

As a commercial construction company Mississauga, we believe in setting a realistic schedule as a priority. This is quintessential for the success of a project. Having a schedule laid out allows the clients to keep some expectations, further leading to their satisfaction. The team and all workers involved in the project should be aware of the deadlines and project goals beforehand. This will allows the building to be completed in a seamless manner. Here is a rough framework of the elements to be considered in the planning phase:

  • Design: A blueprint of the building is the first and foremost step. Draft all the plans and get them approved by the architects and stakeholders.
  • Preconstruction: This involves making the construction site ready. For optimum quality and results, soil testing, site assessments, and other such activities are carried out well in advance.
  • Procurement of resources: Contact the suppliers and vendors to get the best quality material and get the construction process started. Establish good relations with the suppliers alongside.
  • Construction: This is the most important phase of the whole project. It involves the management of several tasks at once. A good way to do this is by dividing the teams into different departments and carry out the required tasks.
  • Handing over and project closeout: Once all of this is done, the project is handed over to the owner and is closed. However, before doing this, a thorough analysis of quality is done to meet the client’s expectations.


As a commercial construction company Mississauga, we cannot lay enough emphasis on the necessity of communication. Especially for large-scale communication projects with so many dynamics, it is essential to coordinate with the team at every step. The role of each individual involved in the project is different. So, proper communication at every phase helps in filling any gaps involved throughout the course, to effectively carry out the plan. A good way to do so is by deploying a project manager who overlooks all the tasks and the team. For example, a designer and engineer must work in accordance to see that the design is constructed as planned.

Hire a residential and commercial construction company in Mississauga, ON that meet the project requirements and quality.

Include automation:

Delivering quality results is the priority for all construction companies. This can be made better by increasing efficiency. But, how does one do that? Integrate automation at the workplace. There are several tools available that help in the management of schedule, workflow, budget costs, and even designing. You can opt for these tools and let them work for you.

We take up general contracting Mississauga, helping you incorporate the right methods for your construction process.

Risk management:

To provide the utmost quality to the clients, it is essential to foresee any risks and unexpected casualties. Always have a backup plan of action, and set realistic goals. This will help in avoiding any delays and making the project go off track. Additionally, take required measures for injuries on the site and complete labor safety. Get the right protective equipment and gears for the workers, as this will keep the productivity maximum under all circumstances.

Budget planning:

It isn’t necessary that the bigger the project, the higher will be the budget. When planning the finances, it is essential to know every detail and aspect of the project and divide the funds accordingly. The budget also varies based on the bid proposal and the client’s expectations. As a company for general contracting Mississauga, we help you plan it all efficiently without overspending your budget.


To summarize, you must take all the above-mentioned ways into consideration to deliver optimum quality construction in projects to your clients, and meet their expectations. We at Build Max, offer general contracting Mississauga, and believe in building lasting relations with our clients. So, if you are also planning to kickstart a commercial construction project, take note of all these points.

As a residential construction company Mississauga, and a commercial construction company Mississauga, we work to deliver the best. We want our customers to keep coming back to us, and hence, provide them with reliable and optimum services. Visit our site or contact us to get your quote for the project right away!

Build_MaxHow We Ensure Quality While Building Commercial Construction Projects?
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Top Innovative Techniques in Commercial Construction

Commercial construction is growing at a rapid pace. With advanced technologies in action, there are unique ways through which the industry is growing. A commercial construction company Mississauga, is adopting newer ways to build high-quality buildings and commercial spaces. From smart buildings to spaces that work on solar electricity, commercial construction is witnessing a new age of development in recent years.

Things are extremely different than they used to be. Innovative techniques speed up the process, provide high-quality buildings, and offer more security and safety while construction. While any residential construction company, Mississauga, can use the latest technology as the project is just one house, commercial construction involves lots of challenges.

In this article, we will highlight the top innovative techniques used in commercial construction by a company specializing in general contracting Mississauga. The purpose is to showcase how these latest techniques are transforming the commercial construction industry and multiplying its growth.

Top innovative techniques in commercial construction

Choosing the right commercial construction company, Mississauga is important. It will ensure that these professionals are using the latest techniques and following the trends of the industry. It will keep the commercial spaces updated with the best-in-class features. Here are the top innovative techniques used in commercial construction to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency – 

1. VR and AR Modeling

One of the biggest innovations in commercial construction is the introduction of Augmented and Virtual Reality modeling. Digital models gave a good idea about the structure and layout of the building. With AR & VR modeling, clients get an immersive environment to understand the models in more detail. They can experience the nuances of the property and save themselves from making a lot of construction mistakes by seeing the outcome firsthand.

2. Prefabricated construction

This is not a new innovation but certainly the biggest one. It has saved hours of time and tons of money for the clients and the company involved in general contracting, Mississauga for the project. The critical elements of the buildings are prefabricated at different locations. These components are brought to the site and installed together to form the structure of the building. It is fast and ensures complete safety during the process.

3. Sustainable construction

Renewable energy and sustainability are becoming major drivers in all industries. While a residential construction company Mississauga can easily meet cleantech standards, commercial construction is also adopting it lately. Solar-powered buildings and energy-efficient layouts are ensuring that the property owners enjoy the most benefit and leave a positive impact on the environment. The trends in cleantech are growing every day, and commercial construction is witnessing a major shift towards it.

4. 3-D Printing

Without a doubt, 3-D printing is the game-changer in the construction industry. With the mix of concrete and building material, companies can build components in big 3-D printers. This provides an entirely new perspective as the architects can design and style the structure by understanding the different dimensions. It reduces the construction costs twofold. However, only residential projects are currently using 3-D projects. Soon, commercial spaces would also have components built using 3-D printing.

Major Differences between Residential and Commercial Construction

5. Smart buildings

A significant innovation in commercial construction is the utilization of connected systems to build smart buildings. Companies provide a full range of automation functions that ensure the building is interconnected. There are functions like on-site security and access, climate control systems, on-site communications, and much more. It provides the property owners with more control over the environment of their commercial property. A controlled environment ensures that the owners can monitor for any happenings that occur in the building. 

These are 5 innovative techniques that most companies for general contracting, Mississauga are adopting while commercial construction. More techniques would certainly come in the future that will change the industry.

Build_MaxTop Innovative Techniques in Commercial Construction
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