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Get Smart & Safe Residential Construction Services in Mississauga

Have you been talking lately to your friends & acquaintances and asking for references for construction companies in Mississauga? Did you recently Google searched “Residential Construction Company Mississauga? If you are searching for a professional and reliable company offering residential construction services in Mississauga, then you have landed at the right place.

As one of the leading construction companies in Mississauga, Buildmax specializes in residential construction and ensures quality workmanship and successful project delivery. With experience that over 20 years in residential construction services in Mississauga, Buildmax boasts an enviable legacy of building some of the most iconic and a number of residential projects in and around the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario.

When it comes to residential construction, many homeowners miss out on hiring professional companies and increase the construction time and project cost. There are several benefits of hiring an experienced and professional residential construction company in Mississauga. We have listed some of the advantages below. Have a look!

Costs & Materials:

Instead of bringing in different contractors and handymen, it is best advised to hire a single company who can do the sourcing, liaison and execution of your house project. It will lead to a reduction in labor and waste as the residential construction company in Mississauga will have a network of vendors, suppliers, artisans and handymen. The cost of labour will be low and the materials can be bought at competitive rates. This will bring down the project cost by a significant margin while reducing your hassles as well.

Operational Efficiency:

Multiple contractors and artisans can lead to confusion, lack of coordination and ultimately delay in the project. It will also lead to multiple material purchases and sourcing of labour at different levels, which can lead to redundancies and an increase in project cost. Having too many project managers can also lead to chaos, tiffs and tension among workers at the site. As they say, too many cooks spoil the broth. Hiring one of the experienced construction companies in Mississauga, can escalate project execution, increase efficiency and coordination among people working on the project.

Better Time Management:


Time is money and any activity or decision that allows you to save time will work in your favor. Hiring professionals offering residential construction services in Mississauga can lead to enhanced coordination among the people who will work on your project and escalate the sourcing of materials and labour required. There will be no conflicts on the project site and no delays caused to other workers intruding on the space of others. Seasoned experts providing residential construction services in Mississauga, will make a thorough plan with dedicated schedules, ensuring no delays and better time management.

Faster Problem-solving:

At any residential project, it is imperative that there will be unexpected hurdles that will emerge time and again to cause delays. It is how fast we resolve those problems that decided whether the project is executed within budget and schedule or not. Having one decision-maker in the form of a single professional construction company in Mississauga leading your project will ensure that there are no longer delays and problems are resolved in the best possible way. Imagine having different contractors at the project site and no taking the responsibility, accountability and proactiveness to solve problems. Scary, isn’t it!

Formal Paperwork:

Large-scale projects involve a lot of formalities and complex permit processes that demand a lot of time. Having an experienced residential construction company by your side, will relieve you of all the possible hassles and taxing processes. They will also have proper documentation and insurance, which is a huge thumbs-up.

As one of the most renowned, reliable and recommended construction companies in Mississauga, Buildmax is committed to deliveingr the best when it comes to residential construction projects. We can help you complete your house construction or renovation project in a safe, smart, satisfying and cost-effective way.

Build_MaxGet Smart & Safe Residential Construction Services in Mississauga
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13 Important Points to Consider while Planning Bathroom Renovations

Renovating a bathroom can be an exciting as well as a daunting task. Before you start planning for exciting things like tile designs, paint colors or even curtains, you also need to focus on other things to make the remodeling exercise successful. We have got this comprehensive list of 13 points that can keep your bathroom renovation task on course with impressive results, according to professionals offering residential construction services in Mississauga.

1. Budget

The first and foremost thing to consider while planning for bathroom renovation is estimating a tentative budget. Setting a budget will help you make informed decisions and prevent excessive spending. One can take the help of residential construction company Mississauga to get an idea of the estimated cost.

2. Project Time

It has been observed by the experienced professionals from residential construction company Mississauga that homeowners make this perennial mistake of underestimating the time needed for remodeling a bathroom. However, they ignore the time taken for ordering and receiving tiles delivery, building custom cabinets and other intermediate steps. One can consult seasoned professionals offering residential construction services Mississauga for deciding project timelines.

3. Project Sequence

Having a definitive project sequence for bathroom renovation can help in avoiding mistakes and saving time & costs. Whether you are planning a complete bathroom makeover or tasks like repainting or fitting new fixtures, having a proper sequence like beginning from ceilings, followed up by walls and floors and concluded by fitting any new components. Talk to experts providing residential construction services Mississauga for help.

4. Identify hidden problems

If your building is very old, you should consider identifying any potential hidden problems that may arise later. Issues like structural deficiencies, poor quality fixtures, corroded plumbing, non-waterproof floors and others can add massive costs if done in an isolated way later.

5. Balance Style & Functionality

Many homeowners tend to incline towards the aesthetics of their bathrooms and forget the functional aspect & convenience. They focus too much on the colors, tile designs and overall looks while neglecting usability, durability and maintenance concerns. Design choices should comprehend things like who will use the bathroom, their individual needs and its cleaning. Bathrooms that blend style and functionality, according to professionals offering commercial construction services in Mississauga, hold higher market value.

6. Measurements

bathroom-measurementBathrooms have a complex arrangement of electrical cables, plumbing pipes, fixtures, curtains, etc. It is important to have correct measurements and specifications before you head out to the store to make purchases. One can take assistance from experts from residential or commercial construction services in Mississauga to get precise dimensions.

7. Contractor

Having a bad or inexperienced contractor for bathroom renovations can be a big step back. Look for a reliable residential construction company in Mississauga with a good track record and customer reviews.

8. Bathroom Fixtures and Features

Bathroom remodeling is never complete without replacing or repairing bathroom fixtures, including bathtubs, shower, toilet, sink, bidet, faucets and showerheads. Changing mirrors, door handles, curtains and other aesthetical elements can amp up your bathroom experiences.

9. Storage Cabinets

Planning for cabinets can always be tricky, especially in oddly shaped and smaller bathrooms. Cabinets need to offer maximum storage space without themselves occupying larger space. They must be easily accessible and look elegant.

10. Walls & Flooring

Depending on the budget and choice, one can opt for ceramic, marble or granite tiles as they are very popular among homeowners and also recommended by experts offering residential and commercial construction services in Mississauga. For flooring, there are other options like vinyl sheets, vinyl tiles and cement, which are inexpensive options offering great durability.

11. Lighting

Lighting not only completely transforms your experience in the bathroom but also provides a safe environment to carry out personal care activities. Plan to capture maximum natural light and support it with lighting fixtures.

12. Accessories

Homeowners can add the finishing touches to remodeled bathrooms by selecting unique, elegant and creative accessories. New towels, bath mats, plants, toothbrush holders, racks can be added if budget permits.

13. Final Clean

After all the remodeling, the final hurdle remains thorough cleaning of cabinets, walls, floor, windows and light fixtures. Many residential construction companies in Mississauga offer professional cleaning services for homeowners.

Build Max is a leading commercial and residential construction company in Mississauga offering comprehensive bathroom renovation services. Talk to our experts and we will help you design and execute your bathroom remodeling project.

Build_Max13 Important Points to Consider while Planning Bathroom Renovations
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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Home Contractor

Are you thinking of redesigning your home or want to get some issues fixed in your space? Hiring a home contractor is something that comes to mind. The best contractors in Mississauga can fix almost every issue – from applying wallpaper to painting a 50-year-old bathroom wall.

But before you can hire a contractor, you need to look at different construction companies, Mississauga, Selecting the right contractor is as essential as deciding what colour to apply on the walls. You can give your house for general contracting, Mississauga, and ensure that the work is done the right way.

In this article, we will help you find the best contractors for residential construction services, Mississauga. We hope that this will help you make a better decision as to which contractors are best for you.

5 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Home Contractor

Asking these questions is crucial because hiring the wrong contractor can lead to problems while fixing your house. You must always be careful as to who you hire for general contracting Mississauga. Here are the following questions you need to ask –

1. What is your experience?

Always ask the number of years of experience that the best contractors in Mississauga have. You must ask where they have worked before and how long it takes them to complete the work. Knowing this experience is essential because it will tell you whether they are equipped to work or not. Home contracting is challenging because there are a lot of design aspects to consider.

2. Are they licensed?

It is very important to know whether the residential construction services Mississauga, are licensed or not. Having a proper license is important because it builds the credibility and authority of the business they are involved in. Licensed contractors are authorized to undertake home contracting work. It means that they have the skills, knowledge, and experience to deliver on your requirements.

General Contractor for Your Home Renovation Project

3. Do you offer workman’s compensation?

This is a critical one. If there’s some injury to workers on-the-job, you will not be responsible for that. Workmen’s insurance ensures that the construction company will take care of any mishaps that may happen. Since there are challenging and risky tasks in home contracting, knowing that the contractor offers insurance for its employees is extremely important. You will not face any issues in case any incident or injury takes place.

4. Can you provide references?

References can help you understand the kind of work that the company doing general contracting, Mississauga, has already undertaken. You can check out the references and see the quality of work that they offer. References will also tell you whether you should choose the company or not. They will help you estimate the type of work, employee behaviour, timeline, and if the company fits your budget or not.

5. What is the time and cost estimate?

Probably the best question to ask when hiring the best contractors in Mississauga is to understand how much they charge and when they will finish the work. The more time they take, the more money you will have to spend on them. Having a timeline, in the beginning, will save you from any additional costs and keep the contractors on track to finish their work. They will always keep the deadline in mind and finish the work before time so you will also save a lot of money.

Hiring the best home contractor is not difficult – but you have to get the right one. Evaluate multiple companies for residential construction services, Mississauga, before you make the decision to hire someone for your work. Your home is valuable, and you don’t want it falling in the wrong hands. 

Build_MaxQuestions to Ask Before Hiring a Home Contractor
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Ways to Find an Efficient Contractor to Build your House

Building a house itself is a very big decision for which we do a lot of planning, plotting and research. As house is something that is built only once in a lifetime we leave no stones unturned in making it a grand one. So can you give this big responsibility to just anyone?

Of course not. Finding a skilled and experienced contractor for your house building project pushes you one step closer to your dream house. Everyone dreams about building a solid house for their loved ones to keep them under a safe and secured shelter.

If you are one of them and have decided to build your own house, it is crucial for you to find a contractor who can give you your desired result for your house.

1. Ask for recommendations

Begin this journey by asking your friends or family members for their recommendation on residential contractors. You can also go through the list of members in your area in the National Association of the remodeling industry and get their details by simply typing the website name on Google.

Building inspectors are also a good source for recommendation in this regard as they know about the home renovation contractors who routinely fulfill code requirements.

2. Do telephonic interviews

After assembling the recommendations, you can initiate a quick call to each of the contractor for more information on their services. Make sure that you include these followings questions in your conversation.

  • Do they offer financial references from suppliers or banks?
  • How many projects they are capable of handling at the same time?
  • Do they usually take on projects like yours?
  • How long have they worked with their subcontractors?
  • Are they willing give you the list their previous clients?

The answers to these questions will give you an idea about the company’s reliability, dedication and availability.

3. Initiate a face to face meeting

Depending on your telephonic interviews, select 5 to 6 contractors to meet in person for estimates and further discussion on your project.

During your interaction with contractors, you need to see whether the contractors are able to solve your queries satisfactorily. At the same time don’t get carried away by their personalities.

Some contractors do know how to trap consumers with their words, so check in with your state’s consumer perfection agency and your local Better Business Bureau (BBB) before signing the deal with a contractor.

4. Compare bids

Do not go for the first contractor you find impressive. Ask for estimations from different contractors and compare them. There should not be much difference in estimates but if you notice a significant hike then do not hesitate to ask for clarification from the contractor.

Another thing that has to be kept in mind is that do not get influenced by low price. Low price can simply mean low service quality or inefficient services. So while comparing price, check what services are included in the package.

5. Get everything in a written form

Getting everything in a contract paper is the best way to ensure that you will get what you are promised. Draw up a contract that contains the details of every step of the project. It does not mean that you are disbelieving the contractor; it simply means you are insuring a successful renovation.

Do not miss any of the above mentioned steps before finalizing a contractor for a big project like house building. So when you are ready to gear up for the project ask Google to help you out with some construction companies near you.

You will see different types of contractors in your research some of them are into general contracting business and some offer residential construction services Mississauga.

Build_MaxWays to Find an Efficient Contractor to Build your House
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